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Written by Larry Cook

Revamp Your Store’s Lighting with LED – Part 1

When designed and installed properly, lighting will let customers easily see items that are for sale while walking safely around a retail space. When lighting is insufficient, your store’s goods will seem concealed, making it harder for shoppers to locate them and leading to lost sales. Dark areas may also result in accidents that cause injuries and legal issues.
Customer experience is perhaps the most crucial element in the field of retail. Modern lighting design helps create an appealing shopping environment that attracts customers. Thus, a store’s layout and its lighting should work together for making an attractive retail space that consistently produces return buyers and more revenue.

LED Advantages

LED (light emitting diode) is transforming retail lighting today and gaining great popularity. In comparison to other kinds of lighting, LED lights have longer service lives and consume less electricity. This means savings in maintenance and utility costs. In addition, they are not manufactured with mercury and other environmentally hazardous materials.

Integration of Interior & Lighting Design

In the past, the fields of interior and lighting design were implemented independent of each other in retail. As competition becomes stiffer, brands expect the look of a store’s interior to support their products as much as their online marketing efforts.  As a result, the two fields are now integrated, resulting in greater effectiveness.

Dual Design Goals

Today’s stores have the dual design goals of providing shoppers a superior experience and stimulating their visual senses to promote sales. As our brains receive about 80% of sensory data through vision, lighting will naturally influence our emotional states. Lighting can beautify products and create a welcoming atmosphere at a store, enhancing the customer experience and increasing sales.

Part 2 will discuss the implementation of LED lighting in retail environments.

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