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Written by Larry Cook

Five Step Guide to Finding the Right Electrical Contractor

If you need help finding the right electrical contractor for your business, the following is an easy to follow five step guide that will help show you the way.

1) Get Recommendations

Get recommendations from your network of fellow business owners, family members, and friends. Ask about the projects that were carried out and if they were satisfied. A commercial electrical company should also conduct strong background checks on their employees for your safety.

2) Check Licensing and Insurance

Ensure that the commercial electrician you are considering is licensed and has proper insurance. As required by law, a licensed electrician by law must have Worker’s Compensation and liability insurance covering accidents and injuries. Please note that bonded electricians carry insurance covering instances when an electrician abandons a project.

3) Credentials and Training

Based on their previous work, make an evaluation of the experience and capabilities of every electrician you are considering. During the process, verify that the electrician is properly licensed for commercial projects. In addition, there are special licenses for specifics items such as fire alarms. In addition to the state license, an electrician may also be licensed as journeyman or master electrician by a county. Card-carrying electricians have passed a code requirements test. Make sure to hire an electrician that has experience handling a project of a similar scope as yours in the past.

4) References and Reviews

Learn as much as possible about the types of projects the commercial electrician you are considering has handled in the past. Ask electricians for professional references from previous projects, and then phone their past clients to discuss the quality of their work. Aside from consulting with the Better Business Bureau, check the online reviews of electricians as well.

5) Commercial Project Experience

Before finalizing your choice of commercial electrical contractor, keep in mind that their fee is only one aspect of your decision making. You are risking too much by hiring unqualified electricians for your business. Make sure to select a firm with extensive experience performing commercial work.

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