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Written by Larry Cook

Improve Office Lighting for Productivity and Safety

Numerous companies are not aware of lighting’s effect on their employees. People are very sensitive to light. Darkness and light regulate the circadian rhythms, the internal clock of human beings. Research has found that the quality of office lighting has an effect on worker productivity. For those who believe office lighting is decreasing the performance of their employees, this article will discuss a number of ways that can help.

Office Lighting Basics

Perhaps knowing that various tasks require a particular level of light for productivity and alertness is the first step. To illustrate, a computer workstation requires a minimum of 50 foot candles. Tasks that are complex need more elaborate lighting to make sure that they can be performed in safety.

The vision, age, and medical condition of a worker will have an effect on lighting requirements. In order to do their tasks properly, a great number of elderly need a minimum of 70 foot candles. Flickering fluorescent lighting have been known to cause people who have epilepsy to have seizures.

To be of sound design office lighting must be a mix of mobile direct task lighting, indirect overhead lighting, and natural light at the correct ration to make sure the workplace is comfortable and safe. The color temperature of lights is another contributing factor that will help a facility’s lighting design promote health and safety.

Ensuring Office Lighting Effective

The lighting design of a commercial building may now be outdated because it was created years or decades ago, and changes may now be required to meet code.

After performing an inspection and taking measurements, a lighting designer will provide recommendations for raising your office’s lighting to a standard level. Similarly, an electrician may advise you that your company will need to have an upgrade of electrical components, more electrical outlets, additional fixtures, or move lighting components.

Another important element is the installation of energy conserving lighting at your facility. The new lighting design should utilize CFL, LED and other technologies that will save significantly on utility expenses.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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