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Written by Larry Cook

Benefits of Installing a Backup Generator for Summer

Summer is associated with pleasant weather, but power outages frequently occur during this season. The hurricane season on the East Coast regularly delivers strong storms with high winds every year, which bring down power lines. There is also a higher demand for electricity during the summer because of increased air conditioning use, and this may cause rolling blackouts and brownouts in areas where utilities cannot cope with the demand. 

Fortunately, a backup generator can supply electricity during the duration of a power outage by being powered by natural gas or liquid propane. The following list the benefits from installing a backup generator for the summer season.

Food Staying Cold

For power outages lasting four hours, the food in the freezer of a refrigerator will begin thawing. An outage lasting longer than four hours will cause food, milk, and juices to spoil in the refrigerator. This process is sped up during the hot days of summer. This is wasteful and will cost you money and time by being forced to go to a supermarket to replace the spoiled items. A backup generator will be able to prevent spoilage because it will begin running a few seconds after electricity is cut.

People Keeping Cool

Electrical power demands go up during the summer because of increased air conditioning use due to hot and humid weather. It would be quite unpleasant for you and your family if you lose air conditioning at home during a sweltering long holiday weekend. If the outage is extended, people who are ill or elderly may have to check into a hotel. Installing a backup generator in time for summer would prevent these issues.

Sump Pump Pumping

Hurricane season can bring very strong storms that cause major flooding. These same storms can also cut power. When this happens, the sump pumps in homes can’t run and prevent water damage. A backup generator would keep the sump pump pumping.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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