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Written by Larry Cook

Building New Smart Homes with the Internet of Things

Installing smart home or Internet of Things (IoT) technology during construction or remodeling is a trend gaining popularity. Adding this technology to a blueprint will require a longer schedule, more materials, and a larger budget. However, it’s wiser performing the installation during this phase, rather than during a future retrofit that will be more expensive and inconvenient for homeowners. 

IoT Basics

Basically, smart home or Internet of Things technology allows devices and appliances to communicate with each other. Their communication relies on stable local area networks (LANs) and wireless connections. An expert and experienced electrical services company will be able to install the structured wiring needed during construction. The benefits from implementing a home IoT system include less maintenance, the prevention of accidents, and decreased energy costs. The following summarizes the typical IoT devices and appliances for the home.

Smart Fridge – A refrigerator containing a computer will be able to provide alerts regarding depleted or spoiling grocery items, so you save time and money. If there are unusual temperature fluctuations, a smart fridge will let you know in advance for less costly maintenance or repairs.

Smart HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) Unit – Using smart technology, an HVAC unit can be transformed into a home environmental system. It will have the ability to analyze the air outside and monitor weather reports to adjust temperature and humidity accordingly inside. An electronic thermostat and sensor within each room will be able to control its cooling and heating needs by monitoring its environment and sensing the presence of people.

Smart Lighting – Utilizing this technology with sensors that detect the entrance and exit of people and programming for periods of time during a day will save homeowners both maintenance and energy costs. A home’s electrical system can also be monitored remotely, alerting an electrician when assistance is required.

Smart TV – Lets owners connect to the internet so they can stream movies and television, play online games, and browse the web with the interface right on the screen. Smart TVs are also capable of downloading and installing updates from the manufacturer.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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