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Written by Larry Cook

Fall Electrical Services for Your Home – Part 1

Postponing the replacement of faulty or outdated electrical components or wiring at your home increases the chance of fire over time. In addition, electrocution and power outages are more likely.

Autumn is coming with cooler temperatures and shorter days. The beginning of fall is a great time to repair or upgrade your home’s electrical system. Ensuring electrical reliability and safety before the holidays is wise. Hazards increase during the colder months due to greater power demand and the use of portable heaters.

Several symptoms can indicate a home’s electrical system needs attention. Good examples are electrical burning odors, circuit breakers frequently tripping, faulty outlets, and flickering lights. Electrical hazards tend to peak during the winter, so performing electrical work during autumn will help ensure the safety of your home over the holidays. Licensed electricians recommend these six electrical services for your home.

1) Electrical Panel Upgrade

Many homeowners take their electrical panel for granted. They only pay attention to their service panels when a problem occurs. A functioning electrical panel properly distributes power to every area of the home needing electricity.

For many older homes the panel will be outdated and undersized. It may also be a fire hazard due to degraded components. A 200-amp service panel is the standard now because it meets the electrical demand of today’s typical household. Consequently, an electrical panel upgrade or “heavy-up” may be required to ensure your home’s safety.

2) Replace Faulty or Outdated Wiring

There are many houses constructed during the 1960s and1970s that had aluminum wiring installed. Unfortunately, replacement is necessary because of safety reasons. Cheaper than copper, aluminum wiring was thought to be a viable alternative back then. However, it was discovered that aluminum wiring caused fires occasionally.

Rewiring may also be required if your older house still has knob & tube wiring. Its use began in the late 1800s, and it is now considered obsolete because it cannot handle modern electrical needs.

Part 2 will discuss another four electrical services for your home.

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