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Written by Larry Cook

Electric Heating’s Environmental Benefits

Homes and businesses need heating to ensure the comfort of occupants, especially during the colder months. If you believe in the protection of our environment, considering the impact of heating can play a key role. The following will discuss the four environmental benefits from using electric heating.

Cost Effectiveness

Although some think electric heating is expensive, this actually is not true. Electric heating provides cost-effectiveness and convenience because it is delivered with heat pumps. Versatile, these machines can be used for both heating and cooling. This makes other equipment unnecessary and decreases costs.

No Pollution

Electric heating does not produce pollution. However, coal, gas, oil, and wood will generate pollution both inside and outside the home. Moreover, fumes and smoke from these heat sources can also damage a building’s exterior and interior. Over time, the vents of furnaces and fireplace chimneys will be clogged by buildup from burning carbon-based fuel. In contrast, electric heating does not produce emissions so the air inside a home remains clean. In addition, deadly carbon monoxide is not produced by electric heating, unlike furnaces that burn fuel.


Electric heating makes the delivery of coal, gas, or wood unnecessary. This also helps the environment as no machinery or vehicles are needed for delivering fuel to an electric heating system. Unlike other heating systems, electric heating requires little maintenance and effort. It does not need the skill required by other systems to keep running. With a flip of a switch and adjustment of the thermostat, most anyone can control an electric heating system. This also makes it safer for everyone involved.

Conserves Resources

The efficiency of electric heating also benefits the environment because it is not wasteful. This is in stark contrast with traditional heating systems. 100% of the energy input for producing electric heating will be fully utilized. In addition, the interior temperature is regulated by a thermostat so the electrical usage can be controlled to be consistent, minimizing waste.   

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