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Written by Larry Cook

Most Dangerous Electrical Issues for Your Home – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, there are more than 50,000 electrical home fires annually in the U.S., causing more than 2,500 deaths and injuries to more than 11,000 people. Part 2 will discuss Defective or Outdated Wiring, Inadequate Electrical Supply, Incorrect Light Bulbs, and Unsafe Outlets.


Defective or Outdated Wiring


There are two deadly hazards that involve the condition of electrical wiring. Like most electronics, wires deteriorate as time passes. The original wiring of older homes may eventually require replacement if they are in poor shape as that can lead to a fire. Below are the signs that indicate electrical wires need to be upgraded or repaired.


Inadequate Electrical Supply


When there is insufficient electricity to meet your household’s demand, there are several warning signs that you must pay attention to immediately:


  • Burning electrical odor coming from outlets, walls, or electrical panel
  • Smoke coming out of electrical outlets
  • Warm areas on walls
  • Fraying or damaged wiring
  • Humming from electrical system
  • Appliances frequently trip circuit breakers when they are turned on


Call a licensed electrician to perform a safety inspection. This professional may recommend a heavy-up (electrical panel upgrade) and a wiring upgrade.


Incorrect Light Bulbs


Light bulbs have numbers on them noting their wattage and indicating how they can be used properly. Lighting fixtures and lamps all have wattage ratings. Homeowners need to install light bulbs that do not exceed their wattage number in order to prevent electrical fires.


Unsafe Outlets


More than 5,000 people a year in the United States have to get treatment in the emergency rooms because of injuries caused by electrical outlets. Many of the victims are children. Many of them insert metallic objects into outlets and suffer electrical shocks. If you have young children, install electrical outlets equipped with tamper-proof covers.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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