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Written by Larry Cook

10 Typical Electrical Issues of Commercial Buildings – Part 1

Commercial buildings require having their electrical systems undergo regular inspections, maintenance, and repair to ensure public and employee safety and maximize productivity. A proactive approach will pay off in the long run, allowing your business to expand, modernize, and handle growth successfully.

The following are 10 of the most typical electrical issues that affect commercial buildings. Remember to call a licensed electrician to get the best results for your company.

1) Burned Out Light Bulbs

An office requires working light bulbs 24/7 to ensure employee productivity. For safety, let an electrician handle the replacement of burned out light bulbs, especially those located in inaccessible locations. A professional can also spot faulty electrical equipment and handle the repairs.

2) Dim or Flickering Lights

Office lighting that is dim or flickering lowers productivity and impacts the public image of a company. If replacing a light bulb does not address the problem, there may be serious underlying issues that should be immediately addressed for safety.

3) Electrical Fire Hazards

Electrical fire hazards may result from the incorrect installation of electrical wiring and equipment or the abuse of appliances and devices. Regular electrical inspections for safety help keep a commercial building safe for both workers and visitors.

4) Improper Installation

When air conditioners, appliances, water heaters, and other large equipment running on electricity in commercial buildings are improperly installed, problems can arise in the electrical system and even cause electrical fires. Hire a licensed electrician for major installations.

Part 2 will discuss six more typical electrical issues of commercial buildings.

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