Written by Larry Cook

3 Benefits of Electric Heating

Now that fall is just around the corner, it is time to think about heating a chilly room or new spaces added by a remodel project before temperatures hit freezing. There are a lot of options in the market, but electric heating is generally a good choice for the majority of homes. Electric heating provides three benefits to the homeowner: affordability, easy installation, and efficiency.


In comparison to other options, electric heating is significantly less costly with reasonable installation costs. As a result, savings add up when electrical heating is added to several rooms. Although utility bills from electric heating may be more expensive than natural gas, electric heating compensates by requiring minimal maintenance costs and having longer service lives than other kinds of heating systems. In addition, electric heating units can be used for a particular area, rather than heating the entire home.

Easy Installation

When a specific area of a home needs heat, electric heating is typically the most convenient choice. For HVAC systems, additional ducts will need to be installed, which may significantly modify the original design of the furnace with regards to distributing heated air. When a single room needs heating, the best option is the installation of a wall heater or electric baseboard to bolster the central heating system. As these electric heating units will function autonomously, changes to the HVAC will not be necessary.


Another great advantage of electric heating is its near 100% efficiency. Electrical power consumed is transformed into heat produced by the unit. In contrast, heating systems that use combustion, such as natural gas, are not capable of offering similar efficiency, and their effectiveness in this area decreases as their units age.

An electrical heater in a single room can also have its temperature setting controlled independently. This is in stark contrast to setting the thermostat for the entire house in order to be comfortable in a specific room. This allows a homeowner to decrease the temperature setting of the central heating system and raise the temperature for a particular room that has an electrical heating unit.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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