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Written by Larry Cook

Home Buying Basics for Electrical Inspections – Part 1

Buying a home is probably the largest and most impactful purchase that anyone will make during a lifetime. Thus, it is crucial that a buyer get a comprehensive inspection of the home to find out if there are any issues that may prove expensive to fix in the future.

One aspect of the process is having a licensed electrician perform an electrical inspection. This examination will discover most existing electrical problems, and the electrical contractor will make a recommendation regarding repairs and upgrades as needed afterwards.

When to Get an Electrical Inspection

Home 100 Years or Older – In older structures, electrical wires and their components are much more likely to be degraded and unsafe. The legacy wiring of century-old houses will be unlikely to be able to cope with modern electrical needs.

Resale Home – It is advisable to get a thorough electrical inspection when purchasing a resale home. Although the structure may have had updated wiring installed at the time it was constructed, non-professional electrical work is often performed when renovations or modifications were made to the electrical system.

Prior to Renovation or Remodel – Before modifying a home’s wiring, a homeowner should get an electrical inspection to determine whether or not the current system can support the modifications. If it is not capable, then an upgrade of the electrical components will be necessary.


If an electrical inspection discovers issues before the closing of the sale, the seller is responsible for the cost of repairs. If the buyer skips the home inspection, electrical problems become their responsibility. Home inspections have grown more frequent every year – more than 9 in 10 home sales now undergo this review. This statistic highlights how important and effective electrical inspections have become for the prevention of issues.

Part 2 will discuss the Three Main Kinds of Home Electrical Inspections.

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