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Written by Larry Cook

Top 3 Summer Electrical Upgrades for Your Home

Now that summer is at the halfway point, you may be considering doing some repairs around your home. This season is a good time for home improvements because the weather is good, and you possibly take time off from work. The following are three of the top summer electrical upgrades for your home.

Ceiling Fan Upgrade

Summer temperatures are at their peak, and your house’s air conditioning system must work hard to keep your home comfortable and cool. Ceiling fans can also play an important role in decreasing the heat levels inside. However, ceiling fans that are older will not function as well. Upgrading to new, more efficient ceiling fans can reduce the stress on your AC system and save electricity.

Dimmer Installation

Dimmers can greatly impact the lighting and environment of your home. They are a strong investment because lights can be adjusted depending on the mood you want to create or the brightness required for a situation. Dimmers will make your lighting more versatile and flexible. With the right lighting, dinners can feel more intimate and romantic. If you need a relaxing atmosphere, you can adjust the lighting so it is soothing to your eyes. You can dim lights enough so you can walk around the entertainment safely, but still give the space a home theater feel.

Surge Protection

Maryland gets its most severe thunderstorms during the summer, typically striking in the afternoon or evening. However, thunderstorms can strike during any season or time of day. They can be intense, and an electrical surge from a lightning strike can damage expensive appliances and electronics. Protect them by upgrading your home with surge protection. The installation of a whole home surge protection solution can minimize the impact of lightning strikes. It is an important layer of protection that can prevent your expensive electronic devices from becoming fried.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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