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Written by Larry Cook

When Does Your Home Need an Electrical System Upgrade? – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, updating your home’s electrical system will help ensure there will be protection from fire hazards due to overloaded circuits. Part 2 will discuss Signs Updates Are Needed, Electrical Upgrade Benefits, and DIY Dangers.

Signs Updates Are Needed

Below summarizes the three main indicators that a home’s electrical system requires an update.

1. Frequently tripping circuit breakers

2. Dimming and flickering lights when appliances are turned on

3. Extension cords and power strips needed to provide electricity in areas

If your home’s electrical panel has breakers that fail to trip or is older than the typical service life of 25 to 40 years, it should be replaced. Homes that are adding large appliances, installing an HVAC unit, or adding a hot tub or spa may need an electrical panel upgrade in order to handle the increased electrical demand.

Electrical Upgrade Benefits

Improved safety from preventing fire hazards resulting from overloaded circuits is the biggest benefit from an electrical system upgrade. Having peace of mind that your family and home are protected is priceless. New larger modern appliances can be used safely. Costly electronics such as computers and entertainment systems will get better protection from an updated electrical system. A home with an upgraded electrical system will also have greater resale value.

DIY Dangers

The typical homeowner should never consider an electrical upgrade a DIY project. Wiring that is not installed professionally is hazardous and expensive to repair or replace. Work with a reputable and experienced licensed electrician in your area to get the best results for all your electrical projects.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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