Written by Larry Cook

Top 8 Electrical Tips for Your Home – Part 1

Most homeowners have to occasionally cope with a problem involving their home’s electrical system. Always work with an experienced licensed electrician to keep the work safe and to get the best results. The following will discuss the top eight electrical tips for homeowners.

1) Don’t Fool Around With a Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers keep circuits from overloading and potentially starting a fire. If a breaker repeatedly trips after resetting, the underlying reason must be determined and fixed immediately. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not know this is important and often avoid dealing with the issue. One of the worst remedies is to hold the breaker in place with tape because it allows the dangerous situation to remain.  

2) Electrical Outlets Can Be Complex

Some homeowners believe fixing an electrical outlet can be a DIY project. When an average homeowner opens one up, they will be confused by all the wires, wire nuts, and tape tucked inside. It’s best to hire a local licensed electrician to repair. Why take the chance of doing it wrong or worrying whether or not you did it right? 

3) Energy Vampires Are Draining

To reduce your electricity bills, you must drive a stake through all the energy vampires draining energy around your house. Especially pay attention to devices that maintain a “standby” mode or those with remote controls. They require a constant flow of electrical current to wake up quickly. Finally, laptop and phone chargers still consume electricity even though they aren’t plugged into their devices.

4) GFCIs Are Important

The code requires that every outlet within six feet of a water source be protected by a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI). Safety is ensured with a GFCI as it cuts electrical current when a circuit loses amperage. GFCIs are usually installed in bathrooms and exterior outlets. They protect all downstream lights and outlets powered by a circuit.

Part 2 will discuss four more top electrical tips for your home.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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