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Written by Larry Cook

Call a Professional Dock & Marina Electrician This Spring – Part 1

This adage still holds true: electricity and water do not mix. Performing any electrical wiring close to water can be hazardous, challenging, and complicated. However, if you work with a licensed electrician experienced in dock and marina installations, you can be assured that the work will be performed professionally and safely.

Dock and marina electrical services usually include the following items below:

  • Boat Lift Wiring
  • Dedicated Circuits for Power Boats
  • Dock Electrical Maintenance
  • Dock Lighting
  • Dock Motor Lifts
  • Marina Electrical Maintenance
  • Marina Power Pedestal Wiring
  • Shore Power Pedestal Wiring

If your dock or marina requires any of the above services, it would be smart to work with an electrical services outfit that has decades of experience in this field. Be sure to interview prospective electricians to confirm that they are capable of providing these services while also getting customer referrals.

Dock & Marina Electrical Wiring

For many people who live in the Chesapeake Bay region, boating is an important part of their lives. A day out in the water lets you enjoy and appreciate nature. You may also be someone who loves fishing, and having a boat lets you enjoy this hobby even more.

Aside from the Bay, living in this part of Maryland gives you opportunities to go boating in lakes, rivers, and the Atlantic Ocean.

Similar to properly keeping a car stored in a garage, your boat will require being stored safely when it is not being used. A dock or marina can give your prized possession protection, shelter, and access to a waterway.

Boating facilities such as docks and marinas are required to use electrical wiring suitable for water, along with meeting the electrical and weather-proofing requirements of connected equipment. The electrical wiring a dock or marina typically requires include the following:

  • Appropriately needed waterproofed and weatherproofed lighting
  • GFCI outlets in areas that have multiple uses
  • Matching plugs and receptacles
  • Properly installed electrical equipment with grounding
  • Reverse polarity or overheating alert systems
  • Waterproofed wires, cords, junction boxes and plugs
  • Weatherized wiring

When electrocutions occur around docks and marinas, they are primarily caused by improperly installed wiring or neglecting to install preventative measures such GFCI outlets and alert systems.

Part 2 will discuss Dock & Marina Electrical Installations.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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