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Written by Larry Cook

Prepare Your Home Electrically for Fall

The warmth of summer is transforming into the brisk days of autumn. Will your home be prepared for the chillier months ahead? The following will give you an easy checklist to prepare your home electrically for fall.


GFCI Circuit Breakers & Outlets


To ensure your home’s safety, check each outdoor GFCI outlet by pressing the Test button. If the button engages and cuts power, you know the outlet is working properly. Press the Reset button to restore power to the outlet.


Emergency Backup Power


Houses in the Mid-Atlantic region occasionally experience severe weather in autumn and winter. Before the cold months arrive, ensure your emergency power backup system is working properly. If you are not prepared for a power outage, consider installing a standby generator before winter. This will ensure that you and your family will continue to have electricity almost immediately if a storm cuts off electricity.


Landscape Lighting


Autumn nights are very pleasant outdoors, especially when it’s Indian summer. By installing garden lighting, you can make the outdoor areas of ​​your home more beautiful and safer. An optional feature is to install a heating lamp to increase comfort on chilly autumn nights.


Power Lines and Tree Branches


When strong winds strike, branches can come into contact with the wires that power your home and cause power outages. Check whether your tree’s branches are in contact with electrical wires near your home. If you find this is the case, call the utility company promptly so they can trim the branches.


Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Providing timely warnings of deadly hazards, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are important safety devices to protect you and your family. Many deaths are caused by home fires that occurred when residents were sleeping. If your unit has removable batteries, replace them regularly as recommended. If the detector has been used for 10 years or more, replace the entire unit with a sealed, tamper-resistant, lithium  battery detector.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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