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Written by Larry Cook

ESFI Boating & Marina Safety Tips – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, it would be wise to review best practices for safety before the boating season gets underway. The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) is devoted to promoting electrical safety at home and at work, and it is considered the top organization in this field worldwide. Part 2 will summarize ESFI’s safety tips for marina owners.

ESFI Safety Tips for Marina Owners

  • Never permit swimming in or around your marina. Place signs warning, “ELECTRIC SHOCK HAZARD RISK: SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISK”, in prominent areas.
  • Request an inspection and update of the dockside electrical system by a qualified electrician every year. A new installation meeting NEC and NFPA codes should be performed by a qualified marine electrician.
  • Install Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) on every dock and test monthly. Utilize UL- Marine Listed portable GFCIs when using electricity near water to decrease risks of injury and death.
  • Make mandatory that boat owners and renters use “UL- Marine Listed” shore or marine power cords, plugs, receptacles, and extension cords to help ensure the safety of users.
  • Do not use frayed or damaged cords, including those with prongs that were altered or removed. These cords may lead to electrocution or electrical shock.
  • If you doubt your dock’s electrical system safety, immediately shut off the power supply at the electrical panel and ask a certified marine electrician to inspect it.
  • Repair every electrical safety hazard immediately and schedule regular routine inspections for the prevention of problems.
  • When turning off electrical devices or switches, ensure that no one is in the water to prevent electrocution or electrical shock.
  • Organize yearly safety events at your marina for educating boat owners on dock and boating electrical safety and request the inspection of their vessels by licensed electricians.

For More Information: ESFI Boating & Marina Safety Brochure

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