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Written by Larry Cook

7 Best Reasons for Installing a Standby Generator for Winter – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, electrically related problems occur more often during the winter. When temperatures are below freezing, losing utility power can not only be inconvenient, it can be hazardous. Part 2 will discuss the 7 Best Reasons for installing a standby generator for winter.

7 Best Reasons

1) Immediate Power – Perhaps the most important benefit from having a standby generator is the almost immediate generation of electricity when there’s a power outage. This ensures home heating systems continue running uninterrupted.

2) Safety & Security – If utility power is cut at night, a standby generator will keep the lighting on so you and your family can keep moving safely around the home. Alarm systems and motion detector lights stay working to keep your house secure.

3) Food, Beverages & Medicine Preserved – When power is lost, the refrigerator will continue being powered, preserving the perishables stored inside. You won’t have to run to the supermarket or pharmacy to replace any spoiled items.

4) Power Surges Prevented – The probability that a power surge will fry outlets, harm appliances, and cause a fire are greatly reduced. A standby generator helps protect sensitive expensive electronics from being damaged by destructive power surges that can occur when utility electricity suddenly returns after a power outage.

5) Pipes Protected – When temperatures are below freezing when the utility power is lost, a standby generator will ensure your heating system continues to keep your house properly heated. The water in your plumbing system will be prevented from freezing and bursting pipes.

6) Sump Pump Powered – A sump pump needs electricity to keep running, and if your home is equipped with a standby generator, it will prevent your basement from flooding during a power outage.

7) No Motel Stay – If you are without electricity during winter, your home will be cold, dark, and even dangerous. A standby generator will keep your furnace running and everyone in your family warm. You won’t have to check in to a motel or dine out at a restaurant, so you save money.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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