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Written by Larry Cook

Replacing Your Fuse Box with Circuit Breakers – Part 1

If you live in an older home, you may find an obsolete fuse box, along with outdated insulation and wires. Replacing a fuse box with circuit breakers will give your electrical system greater reliability, power, and safety. The following will discuss some important points to consider. Consult with an experienced licensed electrician before proceeding. 


Although a number of engineers believe that glass fuses can provide reasonable protection, circuit breakers are more modern and reliable, tripping when the electrical load hits a threshold. Circuit breakers are also more convenient because they are easier to operate as discussed below.

Circuit Breaker vs. Fuse

Replacing a blown fuse can be problematic, especially if you do not have a spare onhand and have to travel to the hardware store to find and purchase one. You won’t have this inconvenience if you have a circuit breaker.

As soon as a circuit overloads, the control switches flip and cut power, preventing fire and damage. All that is required for resetting the circuit is switching the breaker back into position.

In contrast, overloading blows a glass fuse, and it has to be replaced with a new fuse. Fuses are inexpensive, and the actual procedure is usually pretty simple. However, you must keep a supply of the proper-sized fuses available. In addition, people with physical disabilities may find the process difficult.

Greater Service

Numerous older houses are equipped with a 60-amp fuse box. On the other hand, the typical circuit breaker panel is capable of a 100-amp service. This gives residents much more flexibility, letting them safely use several electrical devices and appliances simultaneously.

Although it is possible to get a bigger fuse box, the main service will determine how much electrical power can be made available. Modern breaker panels provide much greater load capacity in comparison to conventional fuse boxes of the past. This fact alone drives plenty of homeowners to upgrade.

Part 2 will discuss important considerations for replacing your fuse box with circuit breakers.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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