Standby Generator, Cook Electric
Written by Larry Cook

Give Your Home Standby Generator Standard Maintenance

A home standby generator has an engine that needs several electrical connections and fluids to permit it to work properly. An automobile will typically have regular tune-ups and oil changes performed to stay in good working order.

Like your automobile, if you want your standby generator to have a long lifespan, ensure it receives regular maintenance. Below are a number of important tips for ensuring that your home’s generator is ready to activate the moment utility power is cut.

Monthly Inspection

Do a general inspection of your standby generator each month. Performing monthly checkups helps ensure a generator stays in good working order. Below lists the basics of monthly maintenance.

Tidy – Clear the area surrounding your generator and keep it free of debris and dirt. Enclosed units should be checked for pests and insects that may have crawled inside.

Coolant – A proper coolant level is required for preventing engine overheating so make sure there is an adequate amount in the tank.

Corrosion – Do regular inspections of the unit for corrosion on the battery, electrical connections, and exterior cover. If you find any issues, talk to a professional about finding and solving the issue.

Oil – Ensure the oil level is almost full to make sure the engine gets adequate lubrication. Do not overfill the tank.

Tune Up Two Times Every Year

A licensed electrician should perform a tune-up on your generator every six months. The service should include a thorough inspection and servicing, which includes the monthly maintenance procedure, testing, and any needed repairs and part replacements as summarized below.

  • Check the quality and quantity of each fluid.
  • Flush the cooling system.
  • Inspect the battery.
  • Clean or replace the oil, air, and engine filters.
  • Perform load bank testing.
  • Replace the spark plugs if needed.

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