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Written by Larry Cook

Exciting Techniques for Lighting Vaulted Ceilings

Also called cathedral ceilings, vaulted ceilings are typically known for their arched shape and height greater than the typical ceiling height of eight to ten feet. Architecturally, they are capable of making spaces of a home dramatically beautiful. They also offer wonderful opportunities for using exciting lighting techniques that accentuate their forms.


Featuring track heads, cables can be suspended across the ceiling or attached to wall surfaces. Known for its flexibility and modern aesthetic appeal, cable lighting can be easily configured to suit the dimensions of a vaulted ceiling. 


Monorail lighting works on the concept of utilizing rods or cables that feature lighting fixtures. Uniquely shaped into curves and angles desired, rods can be transformed into artistic light fixtures conforming to the surfaces of vaulted ceilings.


Quite adaptable for any type of vaulted ceiling, pendant lighting positioned at a desired distance from the top is an appealing method for lighting arched spaces. They also come in a multitude of colors and materials that are suitable for modern or traditional tastes.


Aesthetically attractive because of their unobtrusiveness, recessed lighting fixtures have grown in popularity over the years. They allow the beautiful surfaces of a vaulted ceiling to remain streamlined and orderly. Adjustable versions allow for pointing the lights in the direction desired.


If you believe in being green, maximizing natural lighting is best for the environment. Skylights can be installed into a vaulted ceiling, allowing sunlight to enter and illuminate the space. The effect can be quite stunning, complementing the forms of a vaulted ceiling. However, installation can be quite expensive and appropriate only for certain structures.


Although they are typically used by stores and museums to light individual items, track lighting is a method that provides flexible lighting options for a vaulted ceiling. A track can be attached on the surfaces of the ceiling and supporting walls. Its individual track heads are adjustable, so a light can be directed to either illuminate an area or a particular item, such as a painting.

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