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Written by Larry Cook

Installing Motorized Window Coverings in Your Luxury Bathroom

Motorized coverings for windows and skylights for luxury bathrooms are rapidly growing in popularity. Once noisy and cumbersome, they are now silent and sleek in design. As a result, they have become an expected feature in many high-end homes.

Motorized window treatments are available in a wide variety of styles and formats. There are tracked draperies that close and open horizontally across a window and solar shades that descend down from a window frame. Shades for skylights can shield bathroom interiors from direct sunlight. A luxury system is typically equipped with a solar shade for daytime, blackout shade for nighttime, and a decorative shade.

If you want motorized window coverings to be installed in your luxury bathroom, call an experienced and licensed electrical services company to discuss your options for achieving the best results for your project.


Motorized window coverings can be powered via plug in, hard-wired, or battery. Some systems are controlled with a wall-mounted keypad. Radio frequency systems are controlled by a manufacturer-provided remote or an app on a smart phone or tablet. Most affordable of all, battery-operated systems do not need wiring to be powered and controlled. For retrofitting a bathroom, battery types will be the easiest to install. The most sophisticated and expensive motorized blinds will require individual wiring for power and a connection to a central control panel.

Special Features

There can be settings for time of day, temperature, and the strength and position of the sun that will automatically open or close window treatments in your bathroom. Most manufacturers provide a sunlight sensor for additional control. This helps to minimize UV damage to home furnishings. Heating and cooling needs can also take advantage of natural light, decreasing utility costs. Timed settings for closing coverings can also improve privacy.

How to Economize

Motorized treatments can be expensive when they are luxury systems with smart controls. Homeowners can decrease the number of coverings to lower costs. Customized fabric coverings can also be very expensive. You can save money by selecting standard materials from the catalog. Another strategy is opting for one strong motor for moving a large window covering, instead of using several smaller motors that are more expensive.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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