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Written by Larry Cook

Easy Electrical Advice for a New Home Entertainment Center

Your new home entertainment center will allow you and your family to enjoy watching sports, movies, TV programs, and listen to music and podcasts. It will be the central location for entertainment and relaxation.


Before you begin, you should know that every media center requires a proper setup for efficiency and safety. Below are some easy electrical tips for setting up your new home entertainment center.


Plan Arrangement


First, plan the placement of your electronics and furniture. Your decision will determine how the speakers and cabling will be arranged in the entertainment center. Ensure the room has enough outlets for easy access. Contact your electrician if you need additional outlets installed.


Cabling & Wiring Control


Entertainment center cabling and wiring can easily get disorganized and tangled. Use tools such as clips, rails, runners, raceways, and conduits to hold cables and wires in place. Cable ties and sleeves can also be used for color coding, so you can clearly see each cable and wire connected to a device.


Surge Protection


Ensure a surge protector is attached to every electronic device in order to protect them from potentially harmful electrical surges. Power surges can and do occur frequently, and can be of various intensities. The more powerful surges are capable of significantly damaging expensive electronics.


Avoid Overloading Circuits


A proven way to avoid circuit overload is to distribute power consumption across multiple sockets in the entertainment center. Connecting all electronics to a single outlet is not recommended as it can overload the electrical circuit. Determining how your home circuit breaker controls the outlets in your entertainment center will help you decide how each outlet should be used.


Maintain Safe Temperatures


Due to the high temperatures of electronic devices, home entertainment centers typically require adequate ventilation and air conditioning. Placing devices close together in an enclosed space can cause overheating, damage components, and pose a fire hazard.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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