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Written by Larry Cook

Best Business Reasons for Installing a Standby Generator — Part 1

Natural and manmade disasters can impact your company, especially if electricity from your local utility is cut. Power outages are commonly caused by severe weather or large fires in the area. Fortunately, business owners are able to take precautions to protect their operations by creating an incident recovery plan.


An incident recovery plan is carried out when utility power is lost and it sets forth actions to be executed in order to maintain operations. Typically, an incident recovery plan will include utilizing backup systems such as customer support channels, data recovery, and emergency communications. However, frequently alternative power sources are overlooked, despite how crucial they are for retaining business continuity.


One common source of backup power is the standby generator, which is also termed as an automatic or emergency generator. It is an effective and alternative electricity source when there is a loss of utility power. In many instances, a standby generator can provide electricity to a business and prevent the loss of data and communications.


The following will discuss the best business reasons for installing a standby generator.


Minimize Downtime


An entire company can be shut down by a power outage if there isn’t a backup source of electricity. Your employees will be unable to use electrical equipment. Data on computers will be inaccessible. Communication channels to customers or clients will be cut off. Your company will suffer significant losses in productivity and profitability if there is an extended period without electricity. 


The installation of a standby generator can minimize the downtime that will result from losing utility power. Within seconds after detecting electricity has been lost, an automatic transfer switch will activate and seamlessly begin generating power for your business. A standby generator can typically run continuously for 24 hours or up to a week if it is adequately supplied by fuel, which is usually natural gas or propane. Your company can remain operational until the restoration of utility power.


Part 2 will discuss three more of the best business reasons for installing a standby generator.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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