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Written by Larry Cook

Best Business Reasons for Installing a Standby Generator — Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, natural and manmade disasters can impact your company, especially when electricity from your local utility is cut. Part 2 will discuss three more reasons for installing a standby generator.


Consumer Data Protection


As they are so unpredictable, a major power outage will affect more than your employees and facilities. The data of your customers or clients will be impacted as well. They will certainly expect that their sensitive information will remain secure and accessible even if there is a loss of utility power. As this event is unanticipated, servers where consumer data is stored can be vulnerable to losing information. A standby generator can provide electricity in an emergency, ensuring both the main and backup systems maintain the protection and security of sensitive information.


Maintain Lines of Communication With Customers


The installation of a backup generator will enable your company to continue customer service and support even when there is an electrical outage. When customers want to contact your business, a standby generator will be able to power support lines needed for communication. It is recommended to advise customers or clients that your company is experiencing a power outage, so they will be more understanding and patient if there are resulting delays.


Critical Operations Remain Functioning


Having a standby generator will allow your business to ensure mission-critical operations remain functioning during a power outage. Important systems requiring electricity such as HVAC (heating ventilation, air conditioning), IT, and security will keep working if you have a standby generator. Once it detects a loss of utility power, your standby generator will automatically activate and provide electricity to your facility and all connected crucial systems.


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