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Written by Larry Cook

Boost Your Business With a Licensed Electrician – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, an experienced commercial electrician can help your company save money and increase profitability. A licensed professional can help prevent problems related to electrical infrastructure, minimizing downtime and promoting safety. Part 2 will cover Compliance & Safety, Improved Working Conditions, and Other Electrical Services.


Compliance & Safety


Due to their training and continued study, a licensed electrician will be aware of  electrical compliance and safety, even as the NEC (National Electrical Code) makes updates over time. By working with an experienced commercial electrician, your workplace will not only be more energy efficient, it will be safer for employees. Both factors can save a business a significant amount of money over time. Expensive fines can also be avoided for non-compliant electrical infrastructure.


Improved Working Conditions


Every business should make good lighting for employees an essential goal for its electrical infrastructure. A good working environment can only be possible if a facility provides adequate lighting that promotes productivity and safety. Lighting that helps improve work performance can result in more revenue.


A licensed commercial electrician will be able to upgrade outdated and inefficient lighting fixtures. You can also work with this professional on creating a lighting scheme that will put fixtures in the right places, so workers will have the lighting needed to help them succeed.


Other Electrical Services


An important modern approach is to eliminate electrical waste by installing automated lighting controls. The installation of motion and photo sensors controlling lighting fixtures will ensure lights will only be activated when needed, reducing unneeded electrical consumption. Smart controls can also learn and adjust settings based on how much electricity employees use in an area.


If your business has expanded very quickly, it may have outgrown its current location. This may result in the building’s electrical infrastructure being unable to cope with the business’s current power demands. Circuits may be dangerously overloaded and causing downtime. After an inspection, a commercial electrician may recommend wiring and electrical panel upgrades to ensure enough electricity is being supplied in a safe manner.


Electrical Peace of Mind


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