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Written by Larry Cook

3 Common Winter Electrical Problems

Monitoring your electrical system is an important aspect of home maintenance. Discovering potential issues before they will help prevent expensive repairs. Wintry conditions can cause serious electrical issues in your home. Below will cover three winter electrical problems and how to prevent them.

Tripping Circuit Breakers

Winter puts greater demands on your home’s electrical panel. Due to cold temperatures, your heating system and portable heaters might be used simultaneously. The electrical system might be stressed due to greater consumption of power. Circuit breakers are tripping, and flickering lights are common problems during the colder months.

The solution is increasing the electrical power of your house’s circuit by performing a heavy-up, which is also called an electrical panel upgrade. A heavy-up will give your home’s electrical system the capability to handle modern larger appliances, home entertainment systems, and various newer devices and technologies.

Utility Power Outages

Winter can bring blizzards and ice storms. Extreme weather can take down utility lines, cutting electricity to your house day or night. Installing an emergency standby generator is a sure method for protecting your home from sudden power outages.

Once it detects a utility power outage, a standby generator automatically activates. They can run for days without refueling because they are powered by natural gas or propane. Your family will be safe and warm until the utility power is restored.

Improperly Using Space Heaters

Some areas in your home require more heating during the colder months. During the winter, space heaters are commonly used for a fast and easy fix. The problem is space heaters aren’t energy efficient and, when used improperly, can lead to house fires.

Space heaters must be plugged into a dedicated outlet to be safely used. Moreover, they should be unplugged when not in use. Space heaters that are older than five years should be replaced. When they are used properly, space heaters can help keep an area of your house both warm and safe.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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