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Written by Larry Cook

Best Backup Power Choices for Homes – Part 1

Power outages can occur throughout the year. Homeowners who are well-prepared will be in the best position to deal with blackouts whenever they happen. Ensuring that your home’s electrical system will continue functioning despite severe weather and power system failures will be a good investment. This article will discuss the best four backup power choices. Consult with a professional licensed electrical services company in your area to get the best results.

Battery Backup

The battery system is a common mode for backup power used by plenty of homeowners. Depending on design, it is capable of handling both AC and DC. One battery backups will be adequate for outages that last just a few hours. Multi-battery systems are able to provide power for up to 48 hours.

An inverter and, occasionally, a charger, are needed by battery backup systems. Better systems offer protection from overheating, which is a typical issue with this kind of generator. For greater reliability, seek systems that have a deep cycle battery. In addition, grounding is crucial for safety. Costs start around $400 for a one battery system. Featuring greater capacity, multi-battery systems will be priced up to more than $5,000.

Fixed Generator

For homeowners who have enough room and the budget, a fixed or permanent generator will provide the best overall functionality as a power backup. Fueled by gasoline or diesel, a fixed generator functions like a portable generator. However, it is capable of handling greater electrical loads and they can’t be moved to another area. Their “permanent” position is an advantage because it discourages theft. To augment this system, homeowners may install a battery bank for increased dependability during power outages of extended duration.

Utilized by businesses as well, fixed generators require a licensed electrician for installation. Fixed generators have an equal or greater capacity as portable generators. This backup system will need both an inverter and transfer switch. For generators equipped with a battery bank, a charger will also be necessary.

Before buying a generator, it would be wise to discuss your home’s electrical needs with an electrician. This professional will advise you regarding the proper type of generator that will meet your requirements. The generator size and type of installation will determine the total cost, ranging from $3,500 to $5,000 or more.

Part 2 will discuss Portable Generator and Renewable Energy backup power options for your home.

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