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Written by Larry Cook

Upgrading Your Company’s Electric System for Safety – Part 1

May is National Electrical Safety Month, and every business owner should keep in mind that the condition of electrical wiring in their building can impact their company. A well-designed and maintained electrical system decreases the chances of injuries and fatalities, damaged equipment and electronics, power outages, and fires.

Solid electrical wiring is very important in the Mid-Atlantic region, where buildings must cope with the extremes of both summer and winter. The following will discuss symptoms that indicate the electrical infrastructure of a commercial facility needs an upgrade or repair.

Outdated Wiring

If your building is 40 years old or older, it is very likely that your electrical infrastructure is not capable of meeting the demands of your business efficiently or safely. This is especially true if the maintenance has been neglected.

If you notice the following symptoms, the electrical system of your commercial facility is probably unsafe:

  • Appliances and other electrical equipment run sluggishly and are unable to attain full power.
  • Certain rooms have a hot plastic or burning smell.
  • Circuit breakers trip or fuses blow frequently.
  • Electrical outlets appear brownish or melted.
  • Extension cords are required to power equipment because there are not enough electrical outlets.
  • Lights dim or flicker, especially after an air conditioner, refrigerator, or large machine is turned on.
  • Portions of insulation around wires have melted.
  • Sparks fly when you plug into an electrical outlet, which may also feel hot.
  • Switch plates or electrical outlets feel warm or hot to the touch.
  • When a metal appliance is touched, you feel a tingling situation. This indicates the appliance is not grounded properly and may cause an electric shock.

Although several of the above issues do not pose an immediate threat, they should be addressed as soon as possible to protect the safety of employees in the building.

Part 2 will discuss Key Safety Suggestions and Undersized Electrical Panels.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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