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Written by Larry Cook

The Importance of Parking Lot Lighting – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, good parking lot lighting is an important feature of every commercial property for the protection and safety of customers and employees. Part 2 will discuss four important tips regarding parking lot lighting. Rely on an experienced and licensed electrician for creating a professional lighting layout for your parking lot that will meet the needs of your business.

1) Consider Business Needs

The type of your business will chiefly determine what will be adequate for the lighting of your company’s parking lot. For example, a restaurant will need a lighting scheme focused on a high volume of pedestrians. An office building will probably require a configuration that helps enhance security after office hours.

2) Take a Lighting Survey

Have a discussion with a commercial electrician regarding your company’s parking lot needs in terms of lighting. Topics to discuss are lighting qualities such as uniformity, intensity, energy efficiency, color temperature, and expenses. Take a walk at night in the parking lot to survey what can be retained, repaired, or upgraded.

3) Implement LED

Implement LED for your parking lot lighting to achieve energy efficiency and get savings on electrical bills. LED lamps are capable of life spans lasting 100,000 hours. They also need to be replaced much less frequently, reducing maintenance costs. In addition, they can easily replace older types of lamps on parking lot poles. LED lights also provide consistency in both intensity and color temperature during their entire service lives, and they are more durable than traditional bulbs.

4) Surge Protection

Surge protection for parking lot lighting is a wise investment. A licensed commercial electrician will be able to recommend and install surge protection devices that will be able to handle inevitable spikes of electrical energy, preventing them from damaging your company’s parking lot lighting and causing thousands of dollars in damage.

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