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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Warehouse Services for Businesses – Part 1

Did you know two of the top ten citations issued annually by OSHA to warehouse owners involve electrical violations? Working with a licensed electrical contractor experienced with warehouse regulations will minimize and perhaps eliminate regulatory issues. This two-part article will discuss various electrical warehouse services that will promote productivity, safety, and savings.


In terms of employee productivity and safety, warehouse lighting should be treated with the same importance as office lighting. Statistics gathered by the OSHA have found that the rate for fatal injury for warehouse workers is greater than the average nationally for all other industries.

Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) also provides oversight regarding warehouse lighting, and they state that interior lighting should be determined by the type of work performed and how large the signage is inside the warehouse. An electrician with considerable warehouse experience can assist management in choosing the best type of lighting that will help workers perform their tasks, increasing their effectiveness and energy and reducing eyestrain and stress.

HVAC Systems

As some commercial goods are reliant on consistent temperatures to maintain quality, the installation of a new or upgraded HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system may be necessary for your warehouse. An electrician experienced in warehouses can assist in determining the climate control needs of your facility and selecting an energy-efficient HVAC system that will meet your requirements.


If power is what your warehouse needs, an electrical contractor can handle the installation, maintenance, and upgrading of its power plant. Reliability and consistency in electrical power are crucial for warehouse HVAC systems. This is why the installation of high-quality industrial-grade standby or emergency power generators should be strongly considered for the protection of warehouse inventory in the event of a power outage.

A warehouse’s inventory, along with its handling and sorting systems, will determine its power requirements. In order to determine whether or not a warehouse’s power supply is adequate, a commercial electrical contractor can perform the necessary inspections and tests.

Part 2 will discuss Warehouse LED Lighting Upgrade.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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