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Written by Larry Cook

Smart Features for Your Home’s Thermostat – Part 1

When it’s winter, you know controlling the temperature in your home is essential for maintaining your family’s comfort. Setting the proper temperature applies to all seasons, and having the correct type of thermostat that meets your family’s needs is important.

Three kinds of thermostats are most commonly used. Below will cover why it might be time to install a smart thermostat at your home to take advantage of features that will help make a living more convenient.

  1. Manual Thermostat – This lets you control the temperature by using your hand to set it. This kind of thermostat will be suitable for someone who is home often and prefers having a fixed temperature.
  • Programmable Thermostat – Great for saving energy costs. You can set the temperature automatically for periods you are asleep or not at home. There are digital units that can accurately maintain room temperatures at a range comfortable for an individual. Studies have found reducing your thermostat setting by 7° to 10°F for eight hours per day can slash energy costs by 10% annually.
  • Smart Thermostat – Implements technology that can learn and adapt to your family’s lifestyle while being used. A smart thermostat can start automatically adjusting temperatures based on the schedule of the residents of the home. Utilizing a smart thermostat is considered by many experts to be the best at decreasing utility bills and maintaining comfortable temperatures.

Although programmable thermostats have been around for decades, the new technologies that smart thermostats use make them much more capable. Their advanced features allow them to control more than just the temperature. They can connect to the Wi-Fi network in your home, which lets you control and program their settings from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Part 2 will cover a smart thermostat’s key features, and your household can benefit from them.

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