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Written by Larry Cook

Ideas for Future Proofing Your Smart Home – Part 2

As mentioned in Part 1, maintaining a smart home can be costly because it may require wiring and structural changes, as well as big-ticket purchases for appliances and entertainment systems. Fortunately, future proofing can also save money, and Part 2 will discuss two more ideas.

Home Automation

One key feature of smart homes is home automation. Leaders in the field believe that a CAT7 Ethernet cable should be installed at every home sensor point. Sensor points include smart switches, presence detectors, thermostat temperature sensors, and water detectors. All can help conserve energy, decreasing utility bills. 

Although CAT7 is more costly than CAT6, it can provide a number of benefits. CAT7 is capable of supplying more electrical power with less drop in voltage. In addition, it is less vulnerable to interference as each cable of a twisted pair is able to transmit a different type of data.

Leaving Space for the Future

Although technology seems to have a tendency for growing ever smaller and more compact, there is a contrasting trend that leads to even larger gadgets and toys.

You may still remember an era when a 32-inch television was thought to be gigantic. Nowadays, a 70-inch screen is becoming commonplace hanging from living room walls. As a virtual, immersive experience is on the horizon, perhaps it is the size of a wall itself that will become the standard.

Physical room will be also needed to use future entertainment technology. Growing in popularity, virtual reality requires space to participate. There are experiences that will require movements such as walking, dancing, and jumping, and so more space will be needed where the television is located.

When reviewing the floor plans for structured wiring for a new home or a remodel, ensuring there is more space, anticipating needs in the future, will save time and money when new equipment and its supporting cables and wires are installed.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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