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Written by Larry Cook

Selecting the Best HVAC System for Your Office

The warm days of spring and the hot days of summer are on their way, and you’ve been thinking about replacing the HVAC system in your office. It won’t be that complex, but this article will outline several different types. Call an experienced and licensed electrician with commercial experience for help in making the right choice.

HVAC Systems

For selecting an HVAC system, the important factors to consider are the daily number of hours of run time needed, the office’s square footage, temperature setting, whether heavy air filtration and purification features are required, etc. The following discusses the main types of HVAC systems and their features.

Single Stage

A single-stage HVAC system is sufficient for handling basic needs. It typically features a simple on-off setting and no options for customizing temperatures or fan speeds. Utilized for specific applications, single-stage HVACs are not practical because they will consume more power than needed in order to keep an office space at a constant temperature.

Two Stage

Two-stage HVAC systems feature several fan speed settings, which are typically off, low, and high. These options allow for increased efficiency for cooling or heating an office space. Although two-stage HVACs maintain simplicity, they are more economical than single-stage systems.


A modulating (variable speed) HVAC system is the type installed in the majority of offices. Variable HVACs provide customizable settings for temperature, run time, and fan speeds. Modulating systems let users maintain constant interior temperatures for various periods during a day in an affordable manner.

Rooftop or Ground-Mounted Unit

For many office parks, pre-assembled rooftop units are the best choice for cooling and heating. Rooftop systems are often preferred because they conserve space, their installation is easy, and they do not mar the landscaping outside a building. However, these units need more effort for maintenance than a conventional ground-mounted unit, and they will be more exposed to the elements. On the plus side, rooftop units are less susceptible to vandalism, theft, weeds, and pests.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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