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Written by Larry Cook

The Benefits of Installing a Home Electric Vehicle Charger

If you’ve decided to go green and purchase an electric vehicle (EV), before taking delivery of your new car you should prepare your home by installing an EV charger.

Aside from the other benefits this article will discuss, imagine plugging in during the evening after your workday and having your car ready with a full battery before you commute the next morning.

EV Disadvantages and Solutions

One real advantage of owning an EV is never having to fill up at a gas station again. However, for most owners, owning an electric vehicle comes with two significant disadvantages. The first is limited range, which does not exceed 60 miles for some EVs. The second is the inconveniently long charging times that will sometimes prevent an owner from being able to effectively use their EV.  

The first disadvantage can be solved if you can afford a new Tesla Model S that can travel 370 miles on a single charge. The second can be addressed by installing a Level 2 or 240-volt charger that can significantly shorten charging times at your house. A Level 2 charger can charge a battery in about 3 hours as opposed to a Level 1 or 120-volt wall plug that can take 18 hours.


Aside from helping the environment by reducing pollution, an EV owner can decrease commuting expenses. The federal government also offers a tax credit on the purchase of plug-in electric vehicles, ranging from $2,500 to $7,500 for the model year 2020. Some makes, like Tesla, are no longer eligible because they exceeded their sales quota.

The State of Maryland also offers incentives for electrical vehicles and car charging equipment. However, funding is currently in flux because of the popularity of the EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment) Rebate Program 2.0.

For More Information: Maryland’s Electric Vehicle Incentives

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