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Written by Larry Cook

The Advantages of a Home Heat Recovery Ventilator

During the winter homes need to be sealed in order to handle severe weather and remain energy efficient. Precious energy is wasted on cold days when a leaky window allows heated air to escape outside. The biggest disadvantage of being completely insulated from cold temperatures is that indoor air becomes stale and stuffy, building up dust and pollutants that aren’t healthy to breathe.

The solution for poor indoor air quality during the winter is the installation of a home heat recovery ventilator (HRV) that works with your existing HVAC system. An HRV will intake fresh air from outside, heat it with a flow of outgoing air that is already warmed as it enters the HVAC, where the heating process is completed.


1) By re purposing outgoing indoor air during the intake process of fresh air from outside, an HRV recovers more than 80% of warmed air that would be otherwise lost.

2) Since the intake of fresh air is warmed before being heated by the HVAC, it reduces the overall energy consumption of the heating system. This means the heater does not need to be used at a higher setting to maintain the preferred temperature inside, significantly decreasing a homeowner’s utility bills.

3) For many health conscious people the most important advantage of installing an HRV is the improvement of indoor air quality. The consistent intake of fresh air from the outside results in a healthier environment indoors, and you do not need to open windows during the colder months, which wastes valuable energy.

4) An HRV also provides benefits during the warmer months. When the intake of warmer outdoor air goes into the HVAC system, its temperature is lowered by cooler outgoing air. This means the air conditioning system does not have to work as hard, and your home will have fresher and healthier air indoors.

Always work with an experienced licensed electrician for safety and the best results.

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