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Written by Larry Cook

Ensure Safety of Seniors by Installing a Home Standby Generator

Serious power outages can last days before the electricity can be restored. For homes with senior citizens, having a standby generator installed will help ensure they stay comfortable and safe when utility power is cut by rough weather or a blackout.

Unlike portable generators, standby generators can activate automatically. In addition, they run on natural gas or propane, eliminating dangerous refueling with gas or diesel. For example, a Generac generator fueled by a 500 gallon propane tank can run 24 hours per day for about one week.

Long Power Outages

When a severe storm takes down a power line or there’s a utility outage resulting from a blackout, essential appliances and medical equipment won’t be functional for the elderly people who depend on them.

Research has shown that the average American home will have one or two power outages each year lasting about three hours. Unfortunately, much longer periods of utility power loss are caused by major storms that occasionally strike the Eastern seaboard.

In June 2012, a series of thunderstorms packing hurricane-force winds dove down from Iowa into the Mid-Atlantic region, cutting power to almost 4 million people living in Washington, D.C. and 10 states, including Maryland.

At the end of October 2012, Hurricane Sandy wreaked havoc across the eastern United States, disrupting utility power to about 8 million people. This Category 1 hurricane cut utility power to the residents of nine states, including Maryland, for several days.

Medical Devices

Extended electrical outages should make us aware how much a standby home generator is needed by homeowners who care for seniors. If this applies to you, make a list of each medical device that requires electricity in your home.

Staying Cool, Safe, and Warm

Keeping medicine refrigerated is essential – you must have a backup plan for emergency electrical outages. Your home may also have items that promote safety for the elderly, including lift chairs and hospital beds. Maryland can experience extreme temperatures in summer and winter, so electricity is needed year-round to power air conditioning and heating systems to keep everyone cool or warm. 

Electrical Peace of Mind

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