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Written by Larry Cook

Electrical Upgrades for Older Residential Buildings – Part 1

Just a few decades ago, the electrical needs of most residential buildings were basic. The power requirements were primarily for lighting, a washing machine, a television, and a few small kitchen appliances.

Nowadays, apartment and condo residents will have air conditioners, computers, flat-screen TVs, mobile devices, washer-dryers, and more. All of the above draw power from their building’s electrical system. Thus, a historic building may not be able to meet its tenants’ 21st-century power demands. They will probably need costly electrical upgrades for installation or individual units.

This upgrade process will face challenges, and an owner of an older residential building will have to select from one of several options for upgrading its electrical system. The initial question is how big the project will be. Occasionally each unit can be upgraded, but quite often, the entire building will require a total electrical overhaul to be up to date.

Historic Buildings Not Updated

Typically, a historic residential building has not been re-wired. This is because this type of upgrade can be challenging and costly. However, a situation where individual units are constantly being upgraded may call for a comprehensive electrical upgrade for the entire building because the power supply is inadequate.

Unfortunately, upgrading an older building’s electrical infrastructure to meet every resident’s power needs is usually not straightforward. One of the main reasons is that the techniques and materials utilized for a historic building make it much more difficult.

Part 2 will cover Upgrade Techniques for Historical Constructions, Symptoms of System Failure, and The Upgrade Process.

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