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Written by Larry Cook

Raise Your Home’s Resale Value by Installing a Standby Generator

A residential standby generator will improve your home and family’s safety and security whenever a power outage occurs. A home unit will ensure the entire house will still have power from the moment electricity from the utility is disconnected.

The generator’s automatic transfer switch means the homeowner will not have to lift a finger for its activation. Devices, appliances, lights, electronics, and the security system will continue to be powered by the standby generator, which runs on its own supply of natural gas or propane.

Installation will be a significant investment, costing thousands of dollars. However homeowners should also factor in how much the installation will raise their home’s resale value.

Increases Home Value

Several studies have found that installing a residential standby generator will at least return its purchase cost when the home is sold. On average, a properly-working generator will increase in value from 56% to 84% when the home is sold.

Luxury Home Feature

A residential standby generator is considered a luxury home feature according to a Wall Street Journal article. It is a definite plus for prospective home buyers; real estate agents attest how important a generator can be for closing a sale in regions that experience power outages due to weather events.

Save Time and Money

Every year residents of the Chesapeake Bay region are subject to the Atlantic hurricane season that begins on the 1st of June and ends the 30th of November. This period brings storms that may cause power outages.

Whenever there is a loss of electricity, a standby generator will help save money because you will avoid eating out, losing food and beverages to spoilage, renting hotel rooms, and getting flood damage from an inoperable sump pump.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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