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Written by Larry Cook

Light Your Landscaping with Low Voltage This Summer – Part 2

As discussed in Part 1, lighting design can increase the appeal of your home at night. Installing exterior lighting will make it safer for both residents and visitors as they walk around your property at night. Security will also be improved because well-lit exteriors will deter would-be intruders.

Part 2 will discuss Lighting Basics and Reflective Qualities for low voltage landscape lighting design. Working with an experienced and licensed electrician will ensure safety and get the best results. 

Lighting Basics

Focal & Anchor Points – The placement of a lighting fixture in front of a feature (frontal lighting) will create a focal or anchor point, making an area visually prominent. Varying light levels will create contrast, depth, and dimension as desired.

Fill Lighting – Frontal lighting may cause surrounding areas to appear even darker from the resulting contrast. Cohesion can be created between the focal and anchor points by using fill lighting.

Ambient Lighting – Also known as low-level lighting, ambient lighting can be created by bouncing light off surrounding features such as walls and trees for ambient or low level lighting.

Side & Back Lighting – Placing lights behind and at the sides of features helps fill in dark areas or black holes. For example, lights directed into the branches of a tree from various angles will create fill lighting.

Decrease Glare – Visible light bulbs can result in glare that is hard on the eyes. The solution is angling light toward features and away from viewing angles.

Reflective Qualities

Each type of surface will have its own reflective qualities. Smooth surfaces tend to have a high reflective quality. Matte surfaces have a medium reflective nature.  Surfaces that are textured like brick walls have a low reflective nature.

Lighter colors will tend to reflect light, while darker colors will tend to absorb it. A material’s color and density will also have an effect on light absorption.

Electrical Peace of Mind

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