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Written by Larry Cook

Benefits of a Ceiling Fan

Adding a ceiling fan inside or outside your home on an enclosed patio can help lower the temperature of that area by 5 degrees or more, which could also help lower your electric bill.

If the fan will be used outside on the porch, be sure to get a unit that’s UL-listed for outdoor use. A “damp location” rating is suitable for most covered outdoor applications. A “wet location” rating is required if the fan will be exposed to blowing rain, or other direct moisture.

Bigger rooms need bigger fans. Manufacturers make different sizes, but the most common are 36-, 48-, and 52-inch diameters.

Guidelines for selecting sizes:

    • 36-inch fan: room less than 144 square feet.
    • 48-inch fan: room less than 225 square feet
    • 52-inch fan: room less than 600 square feet

For larger rooms, you may need more than one fan.  The  motor power and blade pitch can affect a fan’s reach. Take that and the size of your room into consideration as you decide the size of fan you need and if you will need more than one.

The newest ceiling fans can also add a touch of luxury. Choose from wooden blades on the fan or molded plastic blades that replace the metal or steel blades. They create a large amount of air flow that are quiet when they are turned on.

Ceiling fans also have a number of benefits over floor standing or smaller desk-style fans. Ceiling fans become part of the room’s décor, save space, and are safer–particularly for children and pets.

Ceiling fans can be dust collectors, so keep in mind that they should be dusted on a regular basis, along with dusting them each time before you turn them on, so you’re not throwing dust all around the room. Often, ceiling fans add a light to the unit as well to give better lighting and comfort to the room.

A wall switch or a dimmer switch can be mounted on the wall for turning off and on your ceiling fan, or you could get a remote control for the fan that you don’t even have to get out of bed or your chair to switch it off and on or to change the speeds and settings. .

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