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Written by Larry Cook

Best Reasons for Installing a Home Standby Generator

Severe weather can cause extended power outages throughout the year, and so homeowners in Maryland should consider investing in a standby generator. During the winter, snow and ice storms can cause downed power lines and cut power from the utility. The Atlantic hurricane season starts in June and continues until the end of November, and this period can lead to the same issues.


Basics of Standby Generators


Home standby generators are automatically activated when utility power is cut. They are permanently installed devices located next to homes, with most units providing emergency power for several days without interruption. The wiring plugs directly into the electrical panel of the house, and they are fueled by natural gas, liquid propane, or diesel.


A standby generator is composed of two chief components. Each system has a generator unit, and it has an automatic transfer switch. They are designed to work together, so that backup electricity is provided only a few seconds after a power outage occurs.


Once power from the utility is cut off, the automatic transfer switch will activate the generator and safely transfer the power it generates to the home’s electrical panel.


Since it is powered by an internal combustion engine, a standby generator will need to be typically fueled by natural gas, liquid propane or diesel.


After the restoration of utility power, the transfer switch will shut down the generator and reconnect utility power to the home’s electrical panel.


Similar to an automobile, a standby generator will need regular maintenance provided by a professional. A trained technician will be needed to change a unit’s oil and filter after it has been run continuously for 24 to 48 hours, In any case, this maintenance task should be performed yearly.


The Best Reasons


  1. Fast and automatic supply of electrical power when utility power is lost.
  2. Home will stay safe and comfortable even during long power outages.
  3. Keep refrigerated food and beverages fresh while maintaining water supply.
  4. A standby generator permanently solves majority of power outage problems.
  5. Staying at costly motel unnecessary even during prolonged power outage.


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