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Written by Larry Cook

Installing Your Home Standby Generator This Spring – Part 2

As covered in Part 1, weather-related power outages are becoming more likely as hurricanes are becoming more frequent and stronger. Losing power at your home for extended periods can be costly and dangerous.

For example, you may be forced to stay in a hotel if there are temperature extremes. Your home may also have elderly residents who rely on electricity for their healthcare needs.

Fortunately, there is a proven solution. Make sure that you arrange for the installation of a permanent standby generator at your home this spring before the Atlantic hurricane season starts on June 1.

Part 2 will cover Prepping the Surface, Ensuring the Proper Delivery, and Installation of Generator.

4) Prepping the Surface

Popular brands of permanent standby generators like Generac and KOHLER require prepping the surface where a unit will be installed. Typically, the site for the installation is prepared by first levelling the surface, then followed by laying a concrete pad or pouring several bags of pea gravel to form a base.

5) Ensuring the Proper Delivery

Ensuring proper deliver of a unit can be a challenge. Properly offloading a thousand-pound generator from a truck can be made more difficult by weather conditions at your home. What will make it easier is ordering a liftgate service that will allow your delivery crew to lower the unit securely and safely to the ground. Before you sign the delivery confirmation, work with your electrician to inspect the package for damage or missing items.

6) Installation of Generator

After the above steps are completed, your home standby generator should be ready for installation. It is not a DIY because the process and tasks required to do the job properly are too difficult and complicated for most homeowners. To obtain the best results and for safety, only work with a licensed electrician who is very experienced in the installation of home standby generators.

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