Electrician Annapolis, MD
Written by Larry Cook

Make Your Home Festive with Holiday Lighting!

The holidays are just around the corner, and you may have been thinking of decorating your home with holiday lighting, but had some concerns about electrical issues and safety. There are several common issues and tips that will be discussed below, but for the best results and safety, consult with an experienced and licensed electrician before you start stringing up your holiday lighting.

Common Holiday Electrical Issues

During a previous Christmas season, you may have had circuit breakers tripping when you turned on the holiday lighting. It probably indicates you overloaded the circuit. A simple solution is more circuitry. You can add outlets in your home’s eaves. This will help prevent overloading the circuit breakers and eliminate extension cords. Another way to fix tripping breakers is using LED lighting, instead of incandescent lighting that requires a much greater electrical load. 

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